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People who like this project and want to support our vision.

Moderators, New Users Tour Guide, Virtual World Creators/Designers and Marketing managers.
Compensation: Free Coupons, US$

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Careers: Job Application

Portfolio of Work

We are looking for part-time employees and volunteers.


In charge of sessions

Present your topic, facilitate member conversations.

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Guide new users

Guide new users and teach them how to use the platform.
Interview them, then suggest which group they should join first.
Introduce them to the group leaders.

Image by Carla Martinesi


Set up the environment

Set up and arrange buildings, garden, nature and animals including object components, animated objects and everything else on the TereTere island. Someone who has experience with the Second Life platform is ideal, or who has power and time to learn it. it's wonderful if you can make objects from scratch, but we are planning to buy main objects from the marketplace.

Graphic Designer Working
Careers: Projects
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