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We are looking for people who:
- Are from various backgrounds/countries from all over the world.
- Are excited about trying something new.
- Are open minded.

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Telephone interview
Using Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook or Zoom


Train how to moderate the sessions with manual


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English communication

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Clubhouse: Job Application



Session Moderators.

Present your topic, facilitate speakers conversations in Clubhouse App

People who like to chat and who are good at questioning are ideal.

If you are interested in other cultures, people who have different thoughts and ideas, it may be a very exciting role for you.


  1. Moderator is in charge of the session.

  2. Invite few speakers on the stage (guest and members) for a session.

  3. We set a specific subject for a session. Expand the topic with all participants.

  4. English is main language. If members are not fluent, you can interpret to other language (If you can)

  5. If interpreters are in the session, they will support you.

  6. Basically 1 session for 1 hour. You can extend it as much as you can.

  7. If there are other moderators in the session, next one will take over the room.

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