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通訳付き国際交流 Sessions with interpreters

English follows Japanese











One of TereTere's features is to easily interact with people around the world.

However, communicating in English is the biggest problem for non English speakers.

Therefore, at TereTere, we started to hold sessions with Japanese and English interpreters.

At the beginning, We assumed the conversation might not go on easily with interpreters. But this is surprisingly exciting.

When interpreting the content spoken in English, we will translate it freely, not directly.

Conversations begin between Japanese members based on Japanese views and ideas, and by feeding them back to English, Then we can reach new views and awareness together.

In addition, although the purpose was to invite people who don't speak English, it is especially recommended for those who are studying English.

English learners can say what they want to say in their vocabulary. However, They can not fully understand what English speakers are saying.

In the middle of the story, the interpreter will give you a free translation and commentary, so you feel that you can "match the answers" with what you understand each time.

Currently, we only support Japanese and English, but in the future we would like to hold sessions with interpreters in various languages.

People from around the world are waiting to listen to your stories at TereTere.

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