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Hey there!

For a long time, we haven't talked and haven't seen each other. The last few months of my life have been just crazy, I really can't wait to share it.

How are you there? Hello!? I want to hear your stories! Do you still have things to do?

Put them aside, pour yourself something into a glass, and join TereTere.

It's time to say whatever you think, yes, yes, everything! Perhaps even what has boiled up. After all, for this, the project was created, we communicate, express ourselves, share our opinions and, most importantly, listen. In TereTere you will find the most sensitive listeners and the most interesting speakers. You could be anonymous, or you could show your personality, up to you. No one judges you, that's for sure!

About a hundred topics for discussion including traveling, culture, sports, politics, relationships, food, and much, much more., I’ll just get tired of listing ;)

Tomorrow I will finally participate in several sessions please join it will be cool!

I promise :)

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