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"How common is speak to or attend a therapist in your home country?"

In my last session as a moderator, we discussed a topic that is usually taboo in many parts of the world, such as mental health treatments and today's needs to treat increasingly common cases, given the covid19 pandemic and how loneliness has affected , isolation and loss of family around the world.

As you know, today I live in Tokyo, Japan but I come from the City of Buenos Aires, in the Argentine Republic. And there, attending the Psychologist - in Argentina a psychologist is a Therapist, but is not allowed to administer drugs, while a Psychiatrist is a Doctor and if he can administer medications if necessary - it is something natural that does not arouse any animosity in others when commenting, it is something very common among Argentines. In fact, Argentina has the highest number of psychologists per capita in the world: about 200 per 100,000 inhabitants, of which almost half are in the Argentine capital, the City of Buenos Aires. Some major cities rival this need to attend therapy such as Paris or New York ...

A 2011 study revealed that another country with the highest number of Psychologists per 100,000 inhabitants is Austria, with 80 per 100,000 inhabitants. Porteños — that's how the residents of Buenos Aires name themselves — argue that seeking mental health treatment is not as stigmatized as in the United States or other parts of the world, for example. While mental health treatment in the United States is often kept secret, in Buenos Aires it is common to talk about emotional problems or what happens in therapy.

And of course, such a difference with respect to what happens in general with other parts of the world is usually a turning point for an interesting talk or debate, since each town, or rather, person has a thought with the inherent health issues mental but, as I explained before, the Pandemic pulverized many beliefs and customs that we have and having a more open attitude to tell our difficulties and problems seems to be a more logical solution to close and deny questions that could affect our emotional health and mental.

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