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The 3rd event

Many people from all over the world participated as usual.

We changed the platform from this time and evaluation the tool was the main purpose.

■ Why don’t we use Zoom?

TereTere events are characterized by oral communication sessions.

Actually, a virtual space using 3D avatars is not 100% necessary, you can realize it with general video conferencing tools (Zoom, Teams, etc.) or web conferencing tools that do not require installation.

However, there are two reasons why we have high expectations for 3D avatars.

One is the ease with which you don't have to show your face. I have heard good opinions from members, especially that they can participate without hesitation even after eating supper, taking a bath and changing into their pajamas.

Another reason is the unique nonverbal communication of 3D avatars.

■ What is nonverbal communication of 3D avatars?

You can see the other person's facial expressions in the real world and in video conferencing tools. A lot of information comes in outside the voice.

On the other hand, communication using 3D avatars can express intentions different from those in the real world. Avatars gestures are one of them, but for example, you can communicate with the avatar's line of sight, distance from the speaker, standing position, and so on.

In addition, by creating a program, you can also express your own actions and intentions.

At TereTere, we will maximize the convenience of virtual space and pursue the possibility of online communication.

By the way,

I humbly think that TereTere is not an idea taking over the real world, Just a slight extension of the real world.

After all, I think real-world communication is the best. There is no reason there. :)


















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