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Unique people from all over the world

Hello everyone.

We started recruiting TereTere moderators this week.

We were wondering who would contact us.

Then after we started the interviews, we were convinced that this project would be crazy interesting!

We have got applications from people of various backgrounds, gender, generation, country and life experience.

This position is meant for a part time job. But actually, most people seem to aim to join this project for their fun experience. Even experienced business people, university professors, researchers are interested in and joining our team.

That is a very positive sign for this project. Those are the example moderators.

-Super friendly business person from Argentina. Has experience working with many countries. He has so many interesting culture stories in business science.

-Indian guy who moved to Tokyo. Taking care of two kids as a house-husband. He sure knows a lot of differences in how to raise children.

-German guy who has a Spanish mother and Iraqi father. Grew up in a super cross cultural environment.

-Woman from England who has lived in so many places in her entire life. Mexico, Dubai, Singapore, Japan and African countries.

-Woman from the Philippines with a super excited attitude. Friendly and very good at making conversation.

-Ukrainian guy who left home 4 years ago without any money. He is still traveling with wonderful/crazy traveling experience. His journey still continues even now.

-A guy from Jordan. He got married in Ukraine and has a beautiful daughter. Super open minded and great at cross cultural exchange.

-A Lithuanian woman who used to live in Spain and Japan. Wonderful humor and good at conversation.

So excited to start the project with those wonderful people! We can not stop talking!





本当に満遍なく、様々なバックグランド、性別、年代、国、そして人生経験をお持ちの人から応募があったのです。しかもみんな癖が強い! アルバイトとして募集をしているのですが、中には経験豊富なビジネスマン、大学教授、研究者の方も興味も持って頂きチームに参加してもらっています。













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